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Columbia SC High School Senior Photographer

About Me....

Hi there!!! 
I’m Natarsha, the lady behind the lens of Logan Jay Photography. Nope, not a Logan or a Jay but they are the driving forces behind why I love photography.  I’ve always been the friend with the camera, because well someone had to tell the story about that one time when....  So when I had my children it was only normal for me to be the camera crazy mama!! I mean, that's the next step right?!? lol
Of all the memories I help create, I have absolutely fallen in love with creating memories with high school seniors.  The memories I have from high school are some of the fondest of my young adult years and it is such a joy for me to help my seniors create memories they will take with them forever.  I love the joy and excitement my seniors bring to their sessions as they prepare for their next chapter.  

                                                   Natarsha, Your Storyteller

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