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How important is a prom session?

A few reminders to highlight the benefits of scheduling a prom session.


High school prom couple holding hands

It's THAT time of year! If you are a high school senior or junior, you have likely already started to think about your prom plans. What type of dress or suit will you wear? Are you going with a date, solo or with a group of friends? Will you do dinner before prom or continue the night with friends for a late-night evening recap? Are you planning a prom send off or just want to make a few quick memories before you start the evening?

Investing this much time, effort and resources into an unforgettable evening of fun should not be taken lightly. I have had the pleasure of photographing prom sessions for the last 10 years and I can tell you, I've not had one family regret making these memories.

Below, I'll share a few reminders of why you should choose a prom session that will allow you to create a few quick prom memories or to help you tell your story from start to finish.

I can just take prom photos with my cellphone.

I mean, you COULD but why would you? Hiring a professional photographer allows you AND your family to just enjoy the moment and rest easy knowing that your memories are beautifully captured. From candid moments to formally posed memories, a professional can deliver a diverse gallery that highlights your pre-prom experience.

High School Senior female in red prom dress

Decide how important these memories are to you.

You've worked so hard to make it to senior year and every senior year milestone deserves to be documented. Leave no memory to chance. This is an opportunity not only to create beautiful pre-prom memories, but it is a time for your family to beam with pride and excitement about all that you have accomplished.

"After all the planning, I was able to just enjoy the moment." – 2022 Prom Mom

High School Senior couple in red prom dress and black suit

I'll just take my photos at the prom.

One of the greatest let downs I hear from my seniors and their parents is the disappointment with "school photos", sadly I've been in this group as well. Choosing a prom session allows you to create YOUR personalized memories. Your session is crafted and designed for YOU and

Your prom session, your way.

I work with my seniors and juniors to create prom sessions that are all their own. You can create solo memories, memories with someone special or memories with your "people". From a special location to a special "prop", I'm here to help you design a session you'll look back on a smile for years to come!


So, if you needed a sign, this is it, BOOK THE PROM SESSION!! Choose your dress, choose your details and let me worry about the rest for your session. From a few quick memories to a full prom send off, I have you covered.

I invite you to view my full prom gallery by visiting High School Prom Gallery | Logan Jay Photography

I look forward to hearing from you!!

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