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When Should You Schedule Your High School Senior or College Graduate Session?

Senior year and the last year of college is such an exciting time. There are so many things to do and now, seemingly so little time to get them done! You are finalizing plans for college in the fall or that perfect job offer you h0pe to land in the spring after graduation. Time is such a valuable commodity during your senior year and in this post we'll discuss when you should schedule your senior or graduate session.

A few considerations when scheduling your high school senior and college graduate session are personal preference, season, graduation timeline, your availability, college announcement, invitations and thank you's and location availability just to name a few.

  1. Personal Preference and Season- these two can go hand in hand. Do you like sweater weather or the warmth of the sun on a lovely spring day. Both seasons are equally amazing but what matters most is what makes you feel your best? From the changing of the leaves and warm tones of fall providing you a beautiful backdrop to the vibrant beautiful blooms of spring, I can find amazing locations to make the most of either season.

  2. Graduation Timeline- when preparing for your senior or graduate session your academic schedule or timeline may be a driving force in scheduling your session. Many seniors will opt to wait until the arrival of their cap and gown, which in my experience is early spring. Your photos may be used for graduation announcements or thank you cards we can discuss how you want to use them so we'll know when to get you scheduled.

  3. College Acceptance or Future Plans- this is a huge milestone moment that a high school senior or college graduate can't wait to share with everyone. Incorporating your plans for the future is a great way to further personalize your session. So, grab your favorite t-shirt, pennant or design a sign to make your announcement. If you need inspiration, I can definitely help you design an announcement that will highlight your next chapter!

  4. Availability- as simple as it sounds this critical. When we consider spring sessions a senior or graduate timeline moves really quickly. For high school senior your cap and gown arrival, prom and graduation are all within weeks of one another. For my college graduate you may be completing your internship, carrying a courseload and even working a part-time job. For both the senior and college graduate you are doing all of this in addition to maintaining your social calendar. WHEW!

The most important tip to take away is that no matter the season, planning your senior or graduate session can be successful with open communication and collaboration. As your senior and graduate photographer, I'm here to help you create an experience that beautifully shares your journey and plans for the future. Let's connect today so we can tell YOUR story!!

Female high school senior standing next to white picket fence.
High School Senior

Female high school senior wearing white dress sitting on steps holding graduation cap.
AC Flora High School Senior

Female high school senior wearing white sweater standing near fall foliage.
AC Flora High School Senior

Female high school senior wearing white spring dress standing in front of palm tree.
Westwood High School Senior

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